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Carpet Cleaner-EZ-15

The injection / extraction machines are used for cleaning carpets, curtains, seats, cars, etc.
The principle is to spray on the surface to clean a mixture of solution and water.
The extraction is done in vacuuming the dust water and in drying the carpet with an efficient power.
In using one of our power brushes, the result of the mechanical action on the carpet makes a deep cleaning. Our extractors are made with high density rotomoulded polyethylene which ensures a high quality, durability and long life.
Equipped with a membrane pump, these extractors are made to be used for intensive work, and are a very good help for professionals in their daily work.

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Voltage 220V Protector 0.5A
Frequency 50Hz Brush width 280mm
Power1000WRecovery tank 15L
18Kpa Solution tank 15L
Spray motor 40W Working pressure 4.2-4.8bar
Water flow 1.2-1.6L/min Cable length 10M
Brush motor 40W NW/GW 26.02/29.90
Brush motor speed 2600r/mintMeasurement 98.5x42x60CM
Brush speed 2000r/minNoice level 80dB

Product features

● Compact and easy to use  , 3 actions (spraying - brushing - vacuuming)

● Easy control & Save time

● Integrated power brush  (Automatic fall down brush can clean different height of carpet,make cleaning more efficiently)

● High pressure nozzle make water into the carpet deeply.

● Water level detected by floating system

●1000Wmotor more than 18kpa suction,95%recovery rate One pair 40mm width wheels.

● Cable length 10M

● 45°degrees incline design

● Weight only 24.9kg  Light and Flexible

● Membrane pump 2I Hight Performance

● 7PEHD** tank, virtually unbreakable

● Maximum of effiency and fiability

● Delivered with hose

Detail information and advantages


High pressure nozzle make water into the carpet deeply.


Automatic fall down brush can clean different height of carpet,make cleaning more efficiently.


1000Wmotor have more than 18kpa suction,95%recovery rate

One pair 40mm width wheels. 

Water flow system

Can be protect the suction motor after full tank.

Water adjustment

Control the water flow and save the cleaning time.

Cable length 10M

Easy to clean on a long corridor without over plug.

45°degrees incline design

Better view when cleaning.